My 1967 Corvette #194377S110939 Marina blue/Teal blue

1967 Chevrolet Corvette #194377S110939

Marina blue/Teal blue

In the fall of 1966 I was driving a 1962 Corvette. I had just started working and was making a fair wage so I decided that a new car would be nice. I sold the 62 and ordered a 1967 Corvette Coupe with the 350 hp 327 cu. In. engine, 4 speed, posi-traction, 3.55:1 rear end ratio, power windows and leather interior.

I ordered the car from Baker Chevrolet Shelby Oh. There was a 6-month wait for the car so I started making payments to myself while I waited. A week or two after I placed the order I was visiting some friends about the car and they suggested I change the order to a 390 hp 427 engine because Chevy put a different hood on the bigger engines. I check with Bakers and they said no problem and changed the order. I check with them shortly after that and they confirmed they had changed the order.

The car was delivered in the spring of 1967 and at that time I had a friend working as a mechanic at Baker so I asked him to do a couple of things to the car during the dealer set up. I asked for him to change the steering to the quick ratio and short shifting on the stock shifter. Which he gladly did.

I got a call from him telling me to come and get the car but he said there was a small problem; it had the 327 engine instead of the 427. I was upset and told him I didn't want the car. He said that I should look at it before turning it down. As soon as I saw it sitting in the dealership I fell in love. The "out the door" price for the car was $4230. It's interesting I still remember that.

When I tried to start it to take it home the battery was dead so they gave me a jump. I had a date with a young lady that evening so we drove it a bit and I topped it out at over 100 mph. The break in said keep it under 60 but you know kids. Also, my mechanic friend had beaten on it before giving it to me. If it's going to come a part it might as well be early, under warranty. I never had a bit of trouble with that engine.

I drove that car as a daily driver, ran many autocrosses, rallyes, hill climbs, as a work car, many vacation trips and even a couple laps around Mid-Ohio road course. Now that was fun!! The wife even drove it to work for several years. She liked driving it because it was easy to pass cars.

I was a member of the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Club for many years and most of the time all Corvettes were classed together. If the event was tight enough where the big block Vettes couldn't use their horsepower I could take them out. The small block was a bit lighter and would corner better.

In 1975 I sold the car for $3500 and bought a brand new Honda Civic for the wife to drive.

In the fall of 2008 I got a call from Ernie Coffman who had just bought the car and had found my name in the warranty paper work. He invited me to Mansfield Oh and offered to let me drive the car. I did that in May of 2009 and found the car in very good shape. The paint is original. The interior looks very good and it drove very well. It still has pretty good power and goes down the road like it should. I was surprised how nice it still was.

I want to thank Ernie for bring back some wonderful memories and I want him to take super care of the car. He tells me it's worth in the range of $70k so it's way out of my budget if I wanted to "bring it home".

Here are a few pictures of the car in action.