This is a 1986 GLH-S Omni #212

Built by Carroll Shelby

This is a 1986 Dodge Omni GLHS. This is one of 500 which were built by Carrol Shelby.


This is what she looked like before I started...

This is what she looks like today (4/29/01). She's going back together and as you can see, new carpeting. I should have the correct decals installed today.

The right picture is one of my buddy, Maddy.. She died Nov 23, 2005.. And I do miss her!! Why do we get so close to these little critters? .

This is a fall drive with the local Porsche crew into Wisconsin. And a fuel stop. Ok, this station hasn't been selling fuel for a long time.. $0.17/gal .


This is the most recent project. It is a 1975 Cosworth Vega (Chevy). It has about 4800 miles on it and has been sitting for about 20 years so needs LOTS of TLC. The plan, if it happens, is to drive it on the Power Tour.. We'll see if I can do it.

May 2 2007 Update: The Vega has just short of 5600 miles on it.. I think it's ready for the Power Tour. I've gone through the fuel, cooling, brake systems and new tires. I've also installed a cruise control.. It's going to be a long ride.. It turns about 4000 rpm at 65 mph. .

June 25 2007 Update: I've given the car back to the owner. I put about 3800 miles on it on the Power Tour.. It ran just fine.. I did replace the alternator in Ohio on the first day of the tour. It was spiking voltage. The new one does the same.. ;-( Oh well, all was fine. I average 26.01 mpg for the Tour. The car got a lot of attention. There was another Vega on the Tour but it was V8 powered. I just wonder if I'll make the magazine? .

I've been driving the 2000 Corvette for a few years and found it to be one hell of a car.. It has some poop if you want to go and gets over 30 mpg.. It's a great cruiser!! Jessie is my navigator.. ;-)

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